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He adds: “Two 70-year-olds [will be] completely different so we step outside of the age conundrum, which is just a box-ticking exercise.

[This] moves us from being locked down and being age inclusive rather than age exclusive.” READ MORE: Brands need to ensure their designs are age-agnostic “Brands should celebrate [older consumers] because from a strict marketing perspective they are a highly valuable audience.

It was born out of consumer research that helped the brand recognise a need to ensure women of that age are “not invisible” and give them the “presence and confidence to stand shoulder to shoulder in any room”, according to Pile.

You’re successful in life, but just haven’t found the time to find the perfect partner for you.Plus, the monthly fee weeds out singles who aren’t all that serious about actually going on in-person dates to find the right relationship.If you’re a busy guy with a career that takes up most of your time, that’s important.Just as the term ‘millennial’ should not be used as a catch-all term for younger people, lumping mature consumers into a ’50-plus’ demographic is lazy and off-putting for consumers.READ MORE: Mark Ritson – Millennials are out; blah blahs are your next target group “If you think about it, [50-plus is] getting close to half a life span.

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There are also now more people in the UK aged over 60 than there are under 18s, according to the latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

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