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Thanks Andre and Lynn for putting Turning Ideas Into Dollars! Your dedication and commitment to teaching others how to tap the riches that the Internet has to offer sets you far above any other mentorship program I’ve found. I really got a lot out of the CD and now have the words "I am unleashing my greatness!

Not only do I get information I need to run my online business better, I also get encouragement and advice from colleagues all around the world. I get tired reading about all the different things you do…and amazed when I realize that quite a bit of your activities are focused on helping others (the groups you moderate, chats you lead, etc.)Why do I subscribe to Self Starters Weekly Tips? Lynn Terry produces a newsletter high in usability...period.

Read it, use it..spend time trying to find something useful, wading through hundreds of ads.

You just can't help but feel Lynn's sincerity when she communicates.

Reading Lynn's SSWT newsletter has also shown me that Lynn is not afraid to show that she is human.

I consider this an opportunity to expand and look forward to sharing with my members and guests. I'm new to Internet Marketing and it's refreshing to come across a site where everyone is so eager and willing to help out one another.

Since I have been on the internet I have never encountered anyone as informative - or any site quite as magnificent as yours....

I read SWWT every week because it gives me motivation and solid ideas I can forward to my 150 sales reps in My Precious Kid.

Lynn really knows her stuff and shares it freely with the rest of us! Just wanted to say thank you for your AWESOME ezine! It has given me good marketing ideas and alot of good information.

Lynn is approachable, will bend over backwards to help you, and gives information which is quite simply superb!

If you don't already get her newsletter, sign up instantly!

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- Gordon Bryan, Wolf Posters I began working with Lynn Terry, of Web Service Network, on my marketing plan in late 2002.

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