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5- Don't spread yourself too thin One of the better problems to have with Internet dating is corresponding with too many women.Yeah, I know exactly what you're thinking: What man doesn't want to be chased by dozens of beautiful women? If you try to reply to every single woman who responds to your ad, you'll soon find yourself spending your days writing e-mail.

When a woman initiates talk about sex, consider that a green light, though I suggest that your comments be very well thought out.Play it safe, play it cool Now, we're all a bunch of macho men, but you can never be too safe.The last thing you want is to be involved in a real-life fatal attraction.If the dialogue exceeds this time, then excuse yourself and end the conversation, saying that you have some things to take care of -- and don't go into detail about it.By doing this, you'll remain mysterious, something that turns most women on.

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6- Don't appear too eager to go on a date Unless a woman immediately asks to meet you (and some will), a rule of thumb about asking a woman for a date is to wait at least a week after the initial contact before asking her out.