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Polycom ip 331 updating initial configuration

This directory, on my server, is /www/asterisk/prov/polycom_ip XXX, where XXX in the phone model.

Right now we deploy the IP-330, IP-331 and IP-4000.

Well, that's what the last two rewrite lines do.

We rewrite those PUT requests to a PHP script and parse the data off stdin, adding it to the database. Even at low settings Polycom phones are chatty with their logs.

Wouldn't it be better to parse that into the database, where it can be easily queried?

And because the log files have standardized names ([mac-address]-boot/app/flash.log), we know what phone they came from.

there are some areas where this is intentionally vague, as I've tried to avoid revealing too much about our private corporate administrative structure.

If something here doesn't make sense or you're curious, post a comment. Creating the initial configs I used the standard download of firmware and configs from Polycom to seed a base directory.

Conclusions The reason all this is possible is because Polycom's files are 1) easily manipulatable XML, as opposed to the binary configurations used by other manufacturers, and 2) distributed, so that you only need to actually send what you need set, and the phone can get the rest from the defaults.

When the phone receives the server from option 66 and requests 000000000000from the root directory, we instead forward it on to our file, which handles the initial configuration.

Our script looks at the HTTPThese files all contain a variation of my previous auto-provisioning configuration config, which tells it the proper directory to look in for phone-specific configuration.

For example, the base template file for the IP-330 looks something like this: The script outputs this when the phone requests it. So, for now, we generate those dynamically as well when the phone requests any of its *files.

This one's pretty easy since 1) we don't allow the endpoints to customize their directories (yet), and 2) because every phone has the same directory.

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Phones, once configured, fetch dynamically-generated configuration files that are guaranteed to be as up-to-date as possible. except that it still requires me to touch the phone. By default, Polycom phones out of the box look for a provisioning server on DHCP option 66.