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The best DJ's are loved because they play the music that people want to hear. 3: The Cult of Personality explores his entrance into and life inside of WGCI, during the height of its popularity.The best personalities are loved because they entertain, inform, and impact the listener's lives ... The interesting hook comes in the form of the author's early position at the station and how it geared him toward a lifestyle where sex and radio become synonymous in his personal life while creating a greater personality as he built his professional life.But professional radio was not about being a DJ; it was about being a personality ... The DJ focuses on the music, a personality focuses on the people listening to the music.The music is programmed by the music directors and programmers, the same songs play on the radio station regardless of who's on the air.There is also the issue that my aunt, Abuser Cousin’s mom, is a drug addict and in recent years has come in and out of our lives depending on whether she’s back with her drug-enabling creeper of a boyfriend.

"Now kids are throwing the bumper stickers down because they don't care." As the story continues, Marcus promises to bring more of everything.

"We had to ask them how old they were and if they were over 18 and sounded interesting then I'd ask what side of town they were from and if it was someone not far from me, we'd strike up a little conversation. This was from 95-96, so the Internet had just started, no Facebook, Twitter, texting so the only way people could see what each other looked like, you had to meet them in person.

The first day I ended up with like 9 phone numbers." Laughing, he adds, "So that was all apart of it..Sex Time and Radio, it was just a part of socializing and people were interested in the station, I was interested in meeting people.

That was urban radio back in the day at its most pinnacle moments. The said classic era stretched from the mid 80's to 1999, during which, everyone's main goal was to be a STAR on the radio and hold their own. Sex Time And Radio would become the embodiment of some of the wildest times of Marcus's life and created a long platform of life lessons --in front and behind the mic. The rise, the fall, and everything in between is detailed in the pages of MC Marcus Chapman's 5-volume, 4-book series, Sex Time and Radio Vol.

The songs become the background to the personality, a bonus, if you will, to an on-air experience. The station, 107.5 WGCI, the hottest radio station for hip-hop and R&B.

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