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Speed dating zurich switzerland

It's a very short train - Just four sleeping-cars, with a baggage van (fourgon in French) at either end.The train isn't so much a train as a collection of through sleeping cars, made up as follows: Each S-type sleeping-car has 10 wood-panelled compartments with either one or two beds (one above the other) plus a washbasin - there are no baths or showers on board.for all BB's sleeping-cars and continue to do so for BB's current Nightjet trains.

The car on the left is the sleeping-car, with carpeted 1, 2 & 3-bed rooms with washbasin. The car on the right is one of two modern couchette cars with more basic 4- & 6-bunk compartments.The photographs above show the real Orient Express about to leave Strasbourg for Vienna in summer 2009.The photos below date from around 2005 and show the Orient Express before being cut back to Strasbourg, about to leave Paris Gare de l'Est.The train you're probably thinking of is the privately-run Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE), which uses vintage restored sleeping-cars & dining-cars and costs around 2,000 per person between London & Venice.Wonderful though the VSOE is - you'll find more information about the VSOE here - it is certainly not the 'original' Orient Express (as there's no such thing) or the 'real' Orient Express (that's the train referred to above, withdrawn on 12 December 2009).

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Below: This is the summer 1939 timetable for the Simplon Orient Express.

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