Techcrunch dating facebook chelsea clinton dating

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I'm an avid art lover and concert attendee, spending my free time bouncing between SF Bay Area cultural events.At my best, I seem to be in several places at once.

I specialize in critical analysis of social and communications technologies.But we also adhere to the belief that the pursuit of love is an activity that, albeit leisurely, is absolutely necessary. Sure, you can’t expense a date on the company card or charge it to your place of work as a billable hour, but the time you spend looking for love is fully compensated, at the end of the road, when you find it.So while some time may sink during the quest, that time will be worth it when you get to your final destination. I'm Josh and I write tech news and analysis for Tech Crunch.I'm an experienced public speaker, having moderated fireside chats and panels at over a dozen conferences including SXSW and Tech Crunch Disrupt.

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” It appears that the folks at Tech Crunch might also believe, as Russell himself did, that “Leisure is essential to civilization.” Could there be a truer truism?