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The receptionist at this company has access to everyone's calendars in the building.When she recieves a phone call for a meeting, she can schedule a meeting for anybody.Another good little trick is to try a "Replace data on this i Phone" near the bottom of the info tab, that will wipe the specific data set off the i Phone and replace it with the computers, often a good way to get them talking to each other again. My i Pod Touch was syncing with calendar entries from Outlook 2007, but Outlook 2007 wasn't syncing with appointments entered on my i Pod calender.As i Pod Touch has same functionality as i Phone 4, I'm guessing the same resolution would work for i Phone also.

Any appointments that don't have the blue dot will need to be modified, as basically only those with blue dot will sync to Outlook 2007.

So, I went into his i Phone, changed the home/work(green/purple color) back to "PC events (blue).

All of the sudden, the events were all syncing both ways. So, in final, make sure that with the i Phone 4/4S (i OS5) that you have i Cloud set up TOTALLY.

To Modify in "List" view:- Tap on appointment Select - "Edit" Under "Calendar" select "Calendar" "From My PC" Select "Done" x2 to return to Event Details Now you're all set.

Simply go to i Tunes on your PC and "Sync" once again. I would check on your i Phone that the events aren't being added to another calendar.

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In the calendar app when adding an event there is the option called Calendar which lets you select which calendar events are being added to.

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